Because I can't be great at everything and you deserve great. 

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You want to be the best version of yourself…


You know something is not right, something feels "off" in your life. You want to be and do the best you can, but it just isn’t happening.

So you’re…

Disappointed. Depleted. Dissatisfied.


Lost. Frustrated. Bored.

On the surface you’re working hard to keep it together, but you want to just feel better. What gets in the way is you have too large of a gap between how you want to feel and how it is.  

I get it. Life is hard. And, on top of that, relationships seem nearly impossible to maintain. We all need help not only to navigate life’s difficulties, but to find joy in the process.

Try therapy. It works.

With the right therapist, your life and relationships can be transformed. The lasting changes you desire become possible. I am ready to be that therapist. I can say this because of my experience using only effective evidence based therapies. I do this all while not sounding like a robot.

Because now might be the right time to become the best possible version of YOU.

Imagine no longer knocking your head against the wall. Or, no longer keeping your head in the sand.

It’s time to muster the courage to own up to the truth – that you need change, and a guide to point the way would be a real asset.

Going to therapy can be like hitting the pause button to get reoriented and reengaged so that you can make sense of what you're doing in your life and develop a close alignment between what you want your life to be about and what you do every day to get there.  

But, we won’t stop there.

You still need a fully stocked emotional and relational toolbox to create positive and sustainable change in your life. Through my direct approach, coated with humor and compassion, we will strengthen your emotional core and set you up for success.

It’s time. Time to move past the pain, the fear and the struggle. It’s time to thrive.

You can allow yourself to be more, to be more of who you are.

Because you deserve it.

I limit the scope of who I work with because no therapist can be really great at everything and you deserve "really great".  Thus, click the tab above for Specialties to links to find additional information.


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