Ever since I was young, I knew I wanted to get into something that would make a difference in people’s lives. This interest led me to the study people and how we function. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker serving the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex I’m able to use my knowledge, experience, and expertise to help others be who they are.

Finding yourself is not really how it works in therapy or in life. You aren’t a missing sock hidden under the couch.  You are not lost. You're right here, buried under the opinions of others as well as incomplete and inaccurate beliefs you have created and accepted about who you are. ​

Your standard issue human mind will continuously whisper stories to you about your deficiencies, your flaws, and how you and your life are not measuring up or missing something. It will spin you a spider web of tales about how you are incomplete, not there yet, not ok yet. It will tell you you are lost and need to seek and strive and get something in order to be found again.

Therapy is about is about an unlearning, an excavation, to be aware of the story you have about how the world works and what the world thinks of you.  It is a letting go of the mental stories for a moment, especially the ones that tell you you’re deficient and need to be found or sorted out. Therapy can be the space in which all stories are seen as simply that. Stories which you can bend to your benefit.