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Finding yourself is not really how it works in therapy or in life. You aren’t a missing sock hidden under the couch. You are not lost. You're right here, buried under the opinions of others as well as incomplete and inaccurate beliefs you live with and have accepted about who you are.

Therapy is about becoming aware of the story you have about how the world works and what the world thinks of you. It is a letting go of the mental stories for a moment, especially the ones that tell you you’re deficient and need to be found or sorted out. Therapy can be the space in which all stories are seen as simply that. Beliefs which you can bend to your benefit so that you have the space can take action to be who you are and can be.

About: About Therapy


A genuine welcome!

You’ve found your way to my About page and are undoubtedly looking for more information.

Perhaps you’re curious about my credentials – how qualified am I to assist you with the weight of what troubles you? A very reasonable query – and if that is what you’re seeking – my credentials are outlined a bit farther below.

Or perhaps you are in search of something a bit more personal.

And so here is a little bit about me.

About Me, Personally

To tell the truth I don’t know how I started on the road to be a therapist. Maybe the answer is that I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. Once I stumbled on working at a treatment center my experience there changed how I felt about my life and myself.  It’s now clear to me that what happened is that I became engaged in what I was doing which actually gave my life direction and energy.  It is my experience that this change in my life had as much to do with how I approached my life than where I was working. As humans it is too easy for us to live our days on automatic pilot which contributes directly to our dissatisfaction with our life and who we are. I discovered that we can improve and enlarge ourselves and our lives in ways with concerted effort and exploration.

I love this work because it’s real and meaningful. I’ve considered it a serious goal to fall in love with as many things in this life as possible.

It’s why my house is generally a little messy and why I’d rather poke myself in the eye than discuss American politics. I’m married to the love of my life, and I’m a father. My children are young adults and working at flying solo as they work to get to where they want to be in their lives.

When I’m not with family, reading, or writing, I’m working with incredible people like you in my private practice witnessing the inspiring growth and evolution I get to sit with for a short period.

Now The Usual Background

  • I have a Master's Degree in Social Work.

  • I hold the highest level of licensure in Texas as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker # 37948

  • I am experienced with more than 20 years as a therapist

  • I specialize in the treatment of depression, stress and anxiety-related issues, and couple relationships.

  • I work with individuals 18 years and older.

  • I provide therapy services face to face as well as online.

  • I have received intensive training for the cognitive-behavioral treatment of depression and anxiety and emotionally focused couples’ therapy.

  • I am knowledgeable about what works, what doesn't work for us as humans, and how we change.

  • I am successful in helping people become who they want to be and develop the life they want.

  • I could not have found a more engaging profession than assisting people to become more than they were yesterday.

About: About
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