I am a specialist in all forms of anxiety and associated issues

Are you Ready to Shake Off the Cycle of Anxiety and Panic Attacks?


If so, working with an experienced Dallas therapist who specializes in anxiety using only effective evidenced based treatments for your benefit.

I have been working with individuals experiencing panic and anxiety for over twenty years and I’m aware that there are many popular techniques that simply don’t work! I offer a unique approach with rapid results where you learn and use the skills that are most helpful in putting a stop to panic and to manage anxiety.

There are not many physical and emotional feelings more wildly uncomfortable than anxiety. Anxiety can be a constant threat of fear and discomfort, a thief of presence and joy. At its worst, in the midst of panic, it feels embarrassing, stunningly disempowering, even life-threatening.

An overriding anxious feeling, or outright panic, takes precedence over whatever else may be going on at any given moment. As a result, experiencing panic and anxiety causes you to miss out on so many of the precious moments of our lives, surrendering them to a force we know is within us, but feel we cannot control.

It doesn’t have to be this way,

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Maybe you experience one of the following:

  • You have panic or anxiety attacks that come ‘out of the blue.’

  • You feel worried or stressed and have muscular tension and/or irritability.

  • You’re anxious in social situations, have a hard time with small talk and/or meeting new people.

  • You have a specific fear such as driving, flying on an airplane, or public speaking.

  • You have unwanted thoughts or repetitive behaviors that concern you.

Therapy or counseling can help you break the cycle of anxiety and help you lead a more peaceful and satisfying life.

Through working with a therapist who specializes in anxiety, you can:

  • Stop the cycle of panic attacks so you can start enjoying life again

  • Break free from social fears that get in the way of dating, work, or socializing

  • Give up the worrying habit and feel more at peace with your decisions

  • Break the cycle of obsessions and compulsions and feel peace and calm

  • Overcome fears of specific situations (such as public speaking, dental or doctor visits, etc.) so you can live the life you want


You don’t have to face anxiety alone, counseling with a specialized anxiety therapist can help!

No one taught you how to soothe an anxious mind, so why would you know what to do?

Through therapy, I will assist you with how to best respond to anxiety, and develop a personalized stress-management plan. Once your anxiety is managed, you are free to work on developing a life driven by your values, interests and goals. 


You can get your life back from fear and you don’t have to let panic or anxiety ruin another moment of your life. If you are ready to move past anxiety and panic, let's get started!



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