Love is not enough


You can Live better. Love better. Work better.


Why Couples Counseling?

Because therapy works!


Your life can improve. I believe people come to therapy when the things that usually help them get through their challenges are no longer working for them.

One of our most important connections is with a romantic partner. This relationship can be a great source of joy and support, yet it can also cause a great deal of pain and push us to confront difficult aspects of ourselves.


Whether you are in the middle of a crisis, struggling through a difficult transition, discovering unpleasant behaviors, or want to build a strong foundation for the future, I can be a tremendous source of support, strength and growth.

Who do I work with?


You may remember fondly how things used to be. You still dream that the life with your partner could be as exciting as it was when you first got together. Everything seemed so easy. We get hooked on those feelings and expect them to last. We become confused, disappointed, and angry when reality clashes with what we thought would last forever. When this situation continues it drains away both life and love.

I specialize because people need guidance when their primary relationship is not working for them,  robing them of the life they desire. I can't be skilled at everything and when seeking counseling I would assume that you want to talk with someone who is both effective and efficient.

The process


Becoming a more effective partner is the most efficient way to change a relationship. You can't create a flourishing relationship by only fixing what's wrong. But it's a start. 

Therapy becomes effective as you apply new knowledge to break ineffective patterns and develop better ones. The key tasks of couples therapy are increasing your clarity about:

  • The kind of life you want to build together

  • The kind of partner you aspire to be to build the kind of life and relationship you want

  • Your individual blocks to becoming the kind of partner you aspire to be

  • The appropriate attitudes and skills to work as a team

Improved communication

No-risk phone consult

You'll benefit from some research into who you work with for therapy. The more you find out before meeting in person, the shorter your search can be. How you feel about a therapist has a big impact upon your ability or willingness to benefit from their assistance.  That's why I offer a free phone consult, it's like taking me for a test drive or a blind date, in a no cost, no pressure situation. 

I'll explain my background, but more importantly, I will lay out my approach to helping you to improve your life.  I'm open to any questions you may have of me and would like to understand what is going on for you that you're seeking help now.

What you will get

I'm a therapist because I love it, I’m good at it, and my clients see results.

We'll work together to create your own goals for therapy. Like a good coach, my job is to help you reach them. I have many, many tools to help you become a more effective couple.

I'm straightforward, providing questions, support, instruction and feedback. You’re the expert about you; my job is to be a guide to help you make use of who you are to create the relationship you want. Isn't this what you want from a therapist? Someone who is going to support you and not waste your time with therapist babble?

What you won’t get

You’ll get no vague or new-age anything from me (unless you request it). Everything we do will make sense. You’ll know why you do what you do. Any principle we work on I’ll explain as much as you want.

A common yet unproductive pattern in couples therapy is making the focus be whatever problem happens to be on someone's mind at the moment. This is a reactive (and mostly ineffective) approach to working things through.

Yes, your problems are very important, but attempting to hammer them out in a therapy session does you little good.  My job is to help your learn how to solve these issues yourselves.


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