Couples Therapy

You may remember fondly how things used to be. You still dream that the life with your partner could be as exciting as it was when you first got together. Everything seemed so easy. We get hooked on those feelings and expect them to last. We become confused, disappointed, and angry when reality clashes with what we thought would last forever. When this situation continues it drains away both life and love.


What few people realize is that an authentic, loving, meaningful relationship only develops once the infatuation period is over. When we accept this new stage of our relationship is an opportunity to grow individually and as a couple, we can begin create a new more satisfying relationship that matches where you are. What is necessary is a new mindset as well as behaviors and skills for this new stage of your relationship.

​You have two choices. Figure this out on you own, which some couples do, or make use of a guide, a therapist, to effectively and efficiently navigate the way to the kind of relationship you want. 


This is what I do. I assist couples in both low energy, you believe your relationship has died from lack of interest, as well as, couples where arguments and conflict are the daily norm. I will respond specifically to the needs of you and your partner to help you create an engaged and satisfying relationship. The process of improving your relationship is simple, which is not the same as easy. Yet, I believe that every relationship is worthy of being repaired and the sooner the better for both of you.

Because your life and relationship are so important I employ only treatments which have been proven to be effective and evidence based.

Everyone is anxious prior to attending couples counseling, concerned that they will be labeled as the guilty party for the problems in the relationship. That’s not my style and fault is not the issue! Yes, I need to understand the flash points in your relationship, but only as the context for improving your relationship.

If you qualify as a "busy couple" and who doesn't now days I have options which can make saving or improving your relationship doable. If meeting in my office is out of the question we can schedule sessions online with video, even if both of your are in different locations, or we can schedule sessions back to back to accomplish more in less time.

Now is the time to take action for you and for your relationship!​



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