“Therapy” is the Greek word for change.

You are here, reading this, because something in your life or in your relationship is not working.

You want change. Sooner, not later

Talk therapy – the exchange of feelings and thoughts put into words – offers relief.


Therapy is the greatest investment that we make in ourselves. It leads to uniquely beneficial shifts: the relief of distress, the opening of possibility, a new perspective on self and others, new found strength to navigate future curve balls, and a greater capacity for successful human relationships.

You enter therapy– both to alleviate distress and to enhance engagement with your life. On your journey, we will explore where you are at the moment, where you want to go in the future, and work out how to get there so you might gain the freedom and flexibility to be who you already are.

Nothing could be more engaging for me that to sit with people while they are going about the task of becoming  better.

​I Try To Be The Therapist That I Would Hope To See

Thus, I'm straightforward, providing questions, support, instruction, and feedback. I’m active in our interaction. No bobblehead for you to deal with. You’re the expert on the details about you; my job is to help you make use of who you are to become more of whom you want to be. ​


To this goal, I utilize only evidence-based approaches in therapy. Isn't this what you want from a therapist? Someone who is going to support you and not waste your time with therapist babble?

As your guide, I will be helpful in making sure your emotional travels are successful – I look forward to getting to know you – the you of today and the even better you you will find on your journey.

Now The Usual


  • I am knowledgeable about what works, what doesn't work for us as humans, and how we change

  • I am experienced with more than 20 years as a therapist

  • I am successful in helping people develop the life they want

  • I could not have found a more engaging profession than assisting people to become more than they were yesterday

  • I have a Master's Degree in Social Work.

  • I hold the highest level of licensure in Texas as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker # 37948

  • I specialize in the treatment of depression, stress and anxiety-related issues, and relationships.

  • I work with individuals 18 years and older.

  • I provide therapy services face to face as well as online.

  • I have received intensive training for the cognitive-behavioral treatment of depression and anxiety and emotionally focused couples therapy.


10300 N Central Expy, Suite 280 

Dallas, Texas 75231