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Online Therapy for Texas Residents

Online Therapy Is The Most Convenient Way To Get The Help You Need, Wherever You Are.


Over the years, I’ve worked with many individuals who either travel for work or who have difficulty squeezing another hour plus travel time for appointments into their busy life. For these people, seeing someone in a traditional therapy office was out of the question and they were left without any solutions.


When I began offering online therapy five years ago, I was skeptical that it would feel impersonal or disconnected. I feared that having sessions through video or phone would keep me from being able to provide the best therapy to my clients.

I Was Wrong.


Similar to Skype, online therapy works just as well — if not better — than traditional in-office therapy. From the comfort of your home, office, or hotel room, you get to have a full hour-long session without needing to worry about traffic or setting aside additional time out of your day to travel to the office. 

Online therapy also allows me to work with people who live across the state and who may not have access to high-quality providers where they live.


I’m able to work with anyone whose permanent address is in Texas, so even if you’re not local to the DFW area, we can work together.


In a lot of ways, online therapy is very similar to in-office therapy. There’s no confusing software to download — all you need is a cell phone or internet connection and a pair of headphones for privacy. 

In addition, I'm able to provide my services to you are a reduced rate as this means of providing an important service also reduces my overhead. 


Online Therapy Details

Online therapy is conducted through a phone or HIPAA Secure online video chat platform with no added cost to you. 


As long as you live in Texas, Online therapy can work for you. Whether you are in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, El Paso, you name it, you and we can engage in online counseling.


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