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I coach performers to do there best when it's most important to them!



The reality is that your mind either contributes to your body performing to it’s best or it acts as an obstacle, tapping the brakes just when you need to hit the accelerator. Everything stops working the way it should, the way you know it can. 

On the surface you’re working hard to keep it together, but you want to just feel better. What gets in the way is you have too large of a gap between how you know you can perform and how it is. 


I work with performers where just when they need to have their focus and energy focused outward to the audience or camera the only thing that they are able to be aware of is the tightness in their chest and the lump in their throat. I’ll help you to think different, be more, and worry less so that you can live better, love better, and work better.

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You're aware that "business" is really a series of performances.Your job is put across your ideas, your information, so that people come to understand and accept your perspective. While the words are important what you've come to understand is that how you present yourself, your ideas is what determines people getting in sync with you.


Being in the medical field you understand how complex an undertaking it is to attempt to assess and treat the human body. The medical professions are not a "science", it is an applied science. You take what you know to be factual and apply it to situations and biological systems which may not follow the script.

Your dilemma is to use your knowledge and experience while also paying keen attention to the reactions and functioning of the body which may be in conflict with what you are doing. The challenge is to maintain a state of awareness which allows you to be engaged and not overwhelmed. 

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Every event that you respond to is unique and lives may be in jeopardy, including your own. Maintaining an emotional and physical state that provides you with the internal environment to do what you have been trained to do is required. When your blood pressure and heart rate are too high your ability to do what you know decreases dramatically.

I coach first responders to react in ways that our body is simply not wired to do. You can keep yourself in a state to do your best.  


Through training with your dog and numerous competition you have learned how responsive your dog is to how you are doing and how your performance directly impacts their ability to do their best. Finding the best emotional state for you and your dog and being able to be in that state when it's important will improve their performance.

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You can benefit from my professional experience in assisting people operating in high intensity situations.

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